Cartoon and Comic Strip Illustration
This ter

m our focus has been centred on cartoons and comic strip illustration, with the final outcome being your own comic strip. This you are undertaking having looked at other good practise.
Today you can choose from these tasks in order to extend or add greater depth to your art project.

  1. Using a search engine, for example /images, browse, then select two very different cartoon characters. Cut and paste these images into a word document before writing one or two paragraphs comparing and contrasting artist style. Consider drawing skills, personality of character, colour, and culture e.g. Japanese Manga v Beatrix Potter.
  2. If you have access to a digital camera, or a scanner transfer an image of your own central character into an Art program you have available on your computer before going onto experimenting with different colourways. You could redraw areas, changing shape of head or body, or play with different facial expressions. Print off any examples you are pleased with as evidence of your work.
  3. You could make a flick book of your computer generated cartoon character by reducing each image down after introducing subtle changes in a sequence e.g. Face serious to smiling, eyes open to closed, eyebrows moving etc. Print off these images and make them into a small book A6/A7/A8 size.

Show these to your art teacher as part of your project for marking.